Elizabeth May

TheGreenInterview.com is a subscription web site of extended interviews - normally about an hour in length - between Silver Donald Cameron and the thinkers, writers and observers whose ideas and perceptions are leading the way to a new era of sustainability. Almost all the interviews are in high-definition video, with MP3 audio tracks and transcripts available separately for download. Each interview also has a “comments” section where members are invited to react and interact.


As a subscription site, TheGreenInterview.com essentially divides its viewers into visitors, customers and subscribers. Visitors are welcome to view the site, read the posted biographies of interviewees, view the YouTube teasers of the interviews, and comment on the blogs and interviews.

Visitors may also view one interview entirely free of charge. Access to the full-length interviews is otherwise reserved for paying customers, who may purchase any of the interviews individually, in any of the three formats, and for subscribers, who have continuous access to everything on the site. We guarantee to post at least one new major in-depth interview for subscribers every month. Subscribers have complete access to the archive of interviews. For details and prices, click here.

The interviews are also available in thousands of libraries worldwide through GreenR, the environmental database service of Gale Cengage Learning.