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Lara Ryan’s Lovely Column

Posted on Nov 29, 2010

In the current issue of Progress, one of Atlantic Canada’s leading business publications, is a lovely column about The Green Interview by Lara Ryan, the magazine’s corporate social responsibility columnist. The piece is lovely not just because it’s well-written and complimentary — though it is both of those things — but because Lara Ryan so profoundly "gets" the whole concept of The Green Interview. 

The site provides "a wealth of knowledge on environmental issues in one place," she writes, and its interviews are the opposite of a sound bite. The Green Interview "invites us to spend a little more time, give a little more thought, to these important issues."  Bill Rees, whose interview will be posted soon, remarks that we need“a common cultural mythology across the planet," and, writes Lara Ryan, "The concept of a common story and the connectivity of all systems, business and ecological, are at the heart of The Green Interview."

Wow. Bingo. It is such a pleasure to read someone who really understands what you’re up to, and thinks it’s worthwhile. With the permission of Lara Ryan and Progress, we’ve posted the column on the site. To read the whole column just go to the "About" tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click.

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